FTI BC featured in JOY TV’s Fraser Focus Trades Expo 2019 Video

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JOY TV’s Fraser Focus was at Trades Expo 2019 at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds in Surrey, BC on October 23/24 and spoke with FTI BC about the finishing trades and our hands-on activities.   

Fraser Focus stated that the BC Construction Association have reported a large shortage of skilled tradespeople entering into the industry.  2/3 of the current workforce are over 45 and looking to retire.  When they do, they will take all of their knowledge and skills with them.  Seeing the need to foster and build a new workforce, Trades Expo was created. 

Trades Expo features highly skilled tradespeople who want to train youth, pass on their knowledge, and encourage trades as a career path.  The youth love the practical, hands-on demonstrations and the opportunity to try-out several trades options in one space.  Our Virtual Reality Painting Simulator, Virtual Reality Boom Lift Simulator, and Glazing Crane were popular and are featured in the video.  Please take a minute to watch our FTI BC educators and reps in action!

Surrey Christmas Bureau

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IUPAT District Council 38 heard about the theft of Teen gifts and gift cards from the Surrey Christmas Bureau and wanted to help. 

On behalf of DC38 and FTI BC, Local 163 Rep Kevin Weston dropped off a cheque this morning for $500 to help make Christmas merry and bright for local families.  The Surrey Christmas Bureau was very happy to accept the donation and said that Unions are always supportive of them and the community.

Squamish Nation Trade Fair 2019

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FTI BC had the opportunity to participate in the Squamish Nation Trade Fair last week, along with Grant Morison from Ross Rex Industrial Painting.

We brought along our Virtual Reality Paint simulator and information about FTI apprenticeship programs, but were there primarily to assist Ross Rex Painting in their search for new workers for their company. They are very busy right now, as are all of our Industrial contractors.

The simulator was a big hit with everyone who tried it.  Even some experienced gamers couldn’t believe how realistic the visuals were!

We were thanked by the Squamish Nation for our attendance, and are looking forward to continuing working with them in partnership to deliver 3 Aboriginal Women in Trades programs in the New Year.

FTI BC’s Innovative and Engaging ‘Hands On’ Activities Popular at Trades Expo 2019

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We received a follow up email from the organizer of Trades Expo 2019 and were happy to hear that our exhibit was well received by educators, students, and parents.

This year was their best showing, with 2,636 youth coming through the building during the 2 day event.  Over 60 high schools were represented from Chilliwack to West Vancouver and included public, independent, alternative, and home learner attendees. Trades Expo received amazing feedback from teachers and school districts regarding the event, specifically the ‘hands on’ activities, writing “KUDOS to your team.  You guys did a fantastic job!”

FTI BC educators and reps were proud to be a part of Trades Expo 2019 and to enhance the experience of all attendees!

Trades Expo 2019

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Last week we attended the 2-day Trades Expo held at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds, in Surrey BC. Several hundred high school students from around Surrey attended our display as we introduced them to the Finishing Trades.

Our booth was always busy with students wanting to try out our Virtual Reality Spray Painter, Virtual Reality Boom and Scissor Lift, and Glazing Crane.

The organizers of the Trades Expo expressed their thanks for our participation in this years event. We were proud to show students the Finishing Trades using our innovative and engaging training tools, as well as the expertise of our trainers and reps.

FTI’s Newest Baby Has Just Arrived

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This week, the FTI welcomed our newest member to our specialized equipment family. A Jekko 312, which is essentially a baby crane. These incredibly versatile machines are quickly becoming the standard in the glazing trade and depending on the configuration selected, are used in a wide variety of glazing applications.

Currently ours is set up to suspend either a spreader bar or our vacuum lifting equipment. However, we are looking to outfit our Jekko with a glazing manipulator sometime down the road so as to take advantage of all the features this piece of equipment has to offer.

We also intend to use the Jekko 312 to help deliver rigging, signalling and hoisting training to all of our craft members who are seeking this type of training.

Check out the photos below as well as the link to a video that will give you a better idea of what the Jekko 312 can do.


SkillSource and FTI of BC Partner on a New Recruitment Program

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The FTI of BC and SkillSource BC are looking for individuals who may be interested in a career in the Finishing Trades. Thanks to Funding from the Canadian Federal Government, we are looking at an 8 week training program that will allow participants to receive all of their necessary safety certifications, an opportunity to try out the four crafts we represent, get placement with one of our Union Contractors and be registered in Level 1 apprenticeship training for the craft they choose. This program is open to all Members of DC 38 including family and friends of DC 38 members.

Government funding is being made available to help those individuals who are chosen to participate in this pilot program. There will also be an opportunity to receive Union wages and benefits while working for one of our signatory contractors. Click on the link below if you or someone you know may be interested in this program.

This could lead to an exciting well paid career in one of our Finishing Trades.

Skill Link Brochure_2019APR26