Program overview

Glaziers are journeypersons who fabricate and install windows, commercial storefront and curtainwall systems, as well as fabricate and install specialty glass and products. They work on jobs throughout the construction industry, from windows in a home to curtainwalls in large hospitals.

Our three-level glazing apprenticeship program is designed for students to work through the same challenges they will encounter as ticketed journeypersons. The apprentice must complete three six week levels in school, along with 6,400 hours on the job with an ITA-approved sponsor before he or she can take the exam.

Completion of the program earns apprentices a Red Seal certification and a Certificate of Apprenticeship.

Learn the trade hands-on

Experience how Glazing apprentices learn the trade, and meet the program coordinator.

Apprenticeship outline

Level 1

Safety is key to any successful jobsite, and first-level apprentices at the FTI learn how to control workplace hazards to keep a jobsite safe. They are also introduced to glazing tools, glass cutting, edge treatment, caulking, sealants, fabrication and commercial systems.

Level 2

As second-level apprentices, students build on the fundamental glazing skills they learned in first year. They add more depth to their knowledge of reading blue prints, and fabricating and installing commercial systems. Apprentices also learn how to install residential systems, such as windows, skylights, mirrors, and shower and tub enclosures.

Level 3

In the final level, glazing apprentices learn how to use more specialized glazing tools, and how to work with codes, standards and other regulations. They also practice fabricating and installing commercial storefront and curtainwall systems, as well as fabricating and installing specialty glass and products.

Program Fees

Program fees include Apprentice books and manuals.

  • Level 1 – $1600
  • Level 2 – $1600
  • Level 3 – $1600

About the Glazing Faculty

Olmo Hernandez

Glazing Instructor/Coordinator

Glazing Schedule

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