IUPAT Helping Hand

Working in the building and construction trades is a challenging career. There are high productivity demands on the workforce to meet deadlines, as well as working conditions that can often be an extreme danger if strict safety guidelines aren’t followed.

Yet, there are other risks construction workers face in the industry – suicide and substance use disorder. In fact, construction workers are three times more likely to take their own life than the rest of the population.

The IUPAT Helping Hand website offers information, downloadable posters, and website links to help employers, coworkers, and family members recognize the signs of suicidal ideation and/or substance use. Their goal is to work together to help prevent deaths by suicide and to encourage members to reach out and take advantage of the help that is available.

For more information, and to watch their quick introduction video, please go to http://www.lmcionline.org/iupathelpinghand/