Learn a trade

At the Finishing Trades Institute of BC we believe in lifelong empowerment through trades training. Completing an apprenticeship course and earning a Red Seal or BC Certificate of Qualification means you have an esteemed designation, recognized throughout B.C. and Canada. There’s a lot to be said for that.

If you’ve started an apprenticeship and need to finish your training in order to write the Red Seal exam, our school is equipped with the resources and expertise to get you prepared.

Below you will find important information about our school. Take the virtual facility tour. Learn about our tuition fees and the different kinds of financial assistance you may be eligible to receive while an apprentice. Over on the right side of the page, you’ll see links to each Apprenticeship’s page where you’ll find more detailed information about that trade.

Learn on the job and in the classroom

About 85% of an apprenticeship takes place through learning on the job, the other 15% is spent in the classroom and shop environment learning new skills and trade theories.

A safe and inclusive working environment

The FTI BC believes that the working environment of all staff and students should be at all times supportive of the dignity and self-esteem of individuals. Achieving this desired environment depends upon mutual respect, cooperation and understanding among fellow workers.

Please read the FTI BC’s Harassment Policy before starting your apprenticeship.