FTI BC’s Innovative and Engaging ‘Hands On’ Activities Popular at Trades Expo 2019

We received a follow up email from the organizer of Trades Expo 2019 and were happy to hear that our exhibit was well received by educators, students, and parents.

This year was their best showing, with 2,636 youth coming through the building during the 2 day event.  Over 60 high schools were represented from Chilliwack to West Vancouver and included public, independent, alternative, and home learner attendees. Trades Expo received amazing feedback from teachers and school districts regarding the event, specifically the ‘hands on’ activities, writing “KUDOS to your team.  You guys did a fantastic job!”

FTI BC educators and reps were proud to be a part of Trades Expo 2019 and to enhance the experience of all attendees!