Level 3 Apprentices Take on New Industrial Training Facility

By January 2, 2018Uncategorized

After Several months of waiting for all of our equipment and facilities to pass final inspection, the Finishing Trades Institute of BC finally got to let our Level 3 apprentices train on the latest Industrial Painting equipment in the industry. Although the permitting and approval process seemed to go on for ever, the consensus from our Level 3 apprentices was that the wait was well worth it.

Many of these apprentices hadn’t even seen a Plural Pump in action, let alone actually get to use one. Because of the cost of the Plural Component Pump and the special skills required to operate this highly specialized piece equipment, apprentices are rarely, if ever, afforded the opportunity to operate one. Requiring three people to operate, this specialized spray device requires all parties operating as one in perfect synchronization.

After receiving expert instruction in one of the most up-to-date facilities in all of North America, all of our apprentices started to develop the necessary skills required in order to become proficient in the proper use, care and maintenance of this highly technical machine.

Given the lessons learned by our instructors in running this first group through training, we are even better prepared to introduce our facility and equipment to the next set of apprentices or Journeymen looking to incorporate this type of training into their resume. These individuals will be highly sought after as more and more contractors start to include Pleural Component Spray Pumps into their arsenal of equipment in an effort to secure even more work for our members.