FTI Announces ITA Changes to the Wall & Ceiling Apprenticeship Program

By April 26, 2018Uncategorized

To all Wall & Ceiling Contractors and Wall & Ceiling Installer Apprentices

Please be advised that we have been asked by the ITA (Industry Training Authority) to inform you of the recent change that has taken place with the Wall & Ceiling Installer apprenticeship program.

Effective September 2018 the apprenticeship schooling component of the training is being moved from the existing 4 Module program to a 3 Level program to bring the training model into line with every other apprenticeship program in the province.

In order to accommodate this change the FTI will be cancelling the previously scheduled Module A/B class scheduled to start May 14, 2018 and running a Module C/D program in its place. This will be the last Module C/D class that will take place prior to switching to the new arrangement.

We recommend that all apprentices who have taken the Module A/B training but have yet to take their Module C/D course, register for this course as it could be problematic if you get caught between the two systems before completing your technical training. We ask all contractors to encourage any of their apprentices in this situation to register for this course.

The requirement for the hours based portion has also been adjusted but it’s the schooling portion of the training that is the only piece that needs to be dealt with immediately.

Old System New System
Module A – 4 Weeks Level 1 – 6 Weeks
Module B – 2 Weeks Level 2 – 6 Weeks
Module C – 4 Weeks Level 3 – 6 Weeks
Module D – 2 Weeks
Hours Worked – 4500 Hours Worked 6000

 All new apprentices will receive in-school instruction under the new system. We will be scheduling a September class to commence the Levels structure of training then. We strongly support this change and feel that both Contractors and apprentices will be better served by this new approach. We encourage everyone to join with us in cooperation so that this new system helps us all develop better skilled, Red Seal Wall & Ceiling Installers.

Steward Baird

Wall & Ceiling Instructor / Coordinator