Drexel documentary focuses on educating students on the influence of construction on the built environment and how the work we do shapes communities

Drexel University of Construction, based out of Philadelphia, has put together a documentary about the Architectural Glass and Metal Technician Certification (AGMT) and North America Contractor Certification (NACC).

This is something our Union has been working on in partnership with Contractors, Engineers, Client Owners, Architects, Suppliers, Fabricators and Insurance Providers in an effort to bring North America-wide standards to the Glazing industry.  Glazier Certification (AGMT) goes beyond the Red Seal Certification that we have already in Canada, as the individual has to perform a written and a hands-on exam as part of proving competency at the Craft.

Additionally, Glazing Contractors interested in NACC Certification have to go through a rigorous audit of all processes of their business operations in order to achieve accreditation.  Please take a minute to watch The Quest for Quality: A Certified Solution, and see how much time and effort goes into maintaining quality standards, integrity, and safety while accommodating construction project logistics.


Video Description: The Quest for Quality addresses the challenge of how to achieve the quality expected by all parties within a construction project.  With the Glass industry rising in importance to the architectural designs of the 21st century, an entire segment of our industry is determining just how to address the challenge of attaining the highest levels of quality while still navigating the multiple challenges of schedule, cost and safety faced every day on construction projects.  The video was a collaboration between Drexel and AGI and the second in a series of documentaries developed to educate students about the influence of construction on the built environment and how the work we do shapes communities.  Approx 33mins.