In addition to our four trades apprenticeship programs, the FTI BC is involved with training in the community, whether within Metro Vancouver or B.C. at large. By being involved with community training initiatives, FTI BC hopes to empower potential tradespeople with the practical skills that could lead them to employment in the construction industry.

Community involvement highlights include:


Foundation and first year apprentice programs for high school students in Painting and Decorating. The program is delivered at the FTI BC, and has become an annual offering. Students earn class credit as well as learn a new skill.

Seabird Island

A 10 month hands-on training program in Lather/Interior Systems Mechanics modules A and B, supplemented by training in Drywall Finishing, and Painting and Decorating. The program was provided on location in Squiala in partnership with Seabird Island College.

School District 36

Surrey school students from the At Risk Youth with Developmental Disabilities program come to the FTI BC to work on and complete projects in painting and glass etching.

Discovery to Apprenticeship

A program that helps young people overcome employment barriers by learning new skills. The FTI BC teaches an introduction to Painting and Decorating and Drywall Finishing.

Women in Trades Training

The FTI BC has women in trades training in painting and decorating. Among the many Women in Trades Training classes the FTI BC has delivered, one included women from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. This program is in partnership with Skilled Trades Employment Program (STEP).

STEP 3.0

Introductory classes in Painting and Decorating and Drywall Finishing. The students in this program usually have minimal or no trades experience. The FTI BC’s program includes thorough pre-apprenticeship training.