Program overview

The Lather (Interior Systems Mechanic) Apprenticeship Program consists of four modules where apprentices learn how to install, handle, build and apply materials that are used in the construction of ceilings and walls. Through a combination of hands-on learning and classroom time, Lather Apprentices become well-rounded journeypersons prepared for any challenge. Lathers are also called Wall and Ceiling Installers.

Apprentices learn the best practices to frame commercial, industrial, institutional and residential jobs using materials such as steel stud, drywall, rainscreen walls, sound proofing, insulation, stucco and more.

The program usually takes about four years to complete, with a total of 14 weeks in class. The apprentice must complete 150 hours of self-study and 4,500 hours in the workplace with an ITA-approved sponsor.

Successful completion of the program earns apprentices a Red Seal certification, and a Certificate of Apprenticeship.

Learn the trade hands-on

Experience how Lather/Interior Systems Mechanics apprentices learn the trade, and meet the program coordinator.

Apprenticeship outline

Module A

Starting off with a solid understanding of how to work safely, Module A apprentices are introduced to the tools they will use on the job. They develop their project planning and blueprint reading skills, and learn to use ladders, scaffolds and lift equipment. Module A is four weeks long.

Module B

Apprentices develop their skill in the trade by learning how to install insulation, non-load metal framing, and gypsum wallboard. They also begin installing drywall frames, beads, moldings, soundproofing, and fireproofing. Module B is four weeks long, and students have the option of taking it immediately after completing Module A.

Module C

Once apprentices reach Module C, they further hone their skill in the Wall and Ceiling trade by learning how to install load-bearing and metal framing, acoustical ceilings, access floor systems, and demountable partitions. Module C is three weeks long.

Module D

In the final Module, apprentices learn to apply lath, wire and trims to walls and ceilings. They also learn how to apply exterior building envelope technologies. Module D is three weeks long.

Program Fees

Program fees include Apprentice books and manuals.

  • Module A/B – $1000
  • Module C/D – $500

About the Lather Faculty

Stewart Baird

Lather Coordinator/Instructor

Stewart began his apprenticeship in 1988 after high school graduation, and he received his ticket as a journeyman in 1992 at the age of 22. By 26 he was running jobs for several companies, ending with B&O. Stewart went to China in 2002 to teach steel stud in their growing industry, and when he returned to BC he taught construction to high school-aged students in Maple Ridge. He joined the FTI in 2008.

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