The Finishing Trades Institute of BC has been providing valuable, hands-on training for apprentices and journeypersons since 1992. The FTI offers training for apprentices and journeypersons in painting and decorating, glazing, drywall finishing, and lather/interior systems mechanic.

Between 2006 and 2007, the school received Training Provider status for the glazing trade. The DC38 Joint Trade Society, which operates the school, invested more than $2 million in infrastructure to accommodate the growing glazier program.

At this time, the FTI also created comprehensive drywall finishing and interior systems installer apprenticeship and journeyperson upgrade programs.

The investment included building customized shops, larger classroom space, a 34-space parking lot, and purchasing specialized glazing equipment, such as a swing stage, a scissor lift, and an articulated boom lift. Shortly after, BCIT dropped its glazing program and FTI became the only comprehensive glazing training facility in B.C.

We also increased our capacity to train industrial painters by building an abrasive spray booth and purchasing steel panels built to SSPC specs. Our painting apprentices also learn how to paint using a virtual sprayer. This is a environmentally responsible piece of equipment that saves galons of paint each year.

As a result of these major renovations, the FTI facility now boasts a 40,000 square-foot state-of-the art learning environment.

The FTI has full-time instructors in painting, lathing, drywall finishing, and glazing, and also brings in other training experts on a course-by-course basis. The FTI is dedicated to providing our apprentices and journeypersons with the highest level of practical trades available in the province.